About the owners of Decker’s Driving Academy

Karen and Tom Decker are both lifelong residents from the Wausau area, we have two children Jon and Madeline. Tom has driven school bus here in Wausau for 18 years and was also an over the road truck driver for 15 years. He has acquired over 2 million miles of accident free driving. No freight claim, or equipment damages, not even a speeding ticket. It is this kind of experience that is being passed on to student drivers. Karen is a licensed school teacher for the state of Wisconsin certified pre-k thru 8. Together we have come up with a program that is informative, entertaining, and a lot of experience is being passed on to your student driver. Not just information on driving in general, but how to identify problems other drivers may be having, making your student driver better prepared to handle situations before they become a problem. We have also trained other employees that share the same passion for teaching.

Our mission statement:

“To educate student drivers with the understanding of the rules in a safe driving operation. To help students drive in a safe and courteous manner, and how to recognize other drivers having problems, to help student drivers become better prepared to help them survive while driving.”

When choosing a driver education program be sure to ask questions about their program. What kind of content is in the classroom portion and how it is presented? Are there discussions and demonstrations, or is it all book reading and worksheets. Are there a lot of different teaching and training methods, or is it the same thing all the time; book reading, worksheets and lectures? We here at Decker’s believe in many different teaching methods, we like to keep things going by using discussions, activities that show students why, so they have a visual conformation instead of just a verbal base. Games break up the time and have fun with a competitive spirit. Basic information on driving is better absorbed with students who are having fun and are alert. Going out to the car to better understand the reasoning behind the instruction is also beneficial and hands-on. We have simple projects that students do and our weekend projects get parents involved with their student drivers.

Parents play a huge part with the training of their student driver’s success. Behind the wheel instruction should try to put your student driver in as many situations as possible. With parking, backing, heavy traffic, tight spaces, busy areas, etc…, it is extremely important for students to feel confident but not scared to death with driving. Ask the driving school on average how many miles does a student drive with the driving school? Network with other parents who may have gone through a program, or ask a driving school for references so as to talk with other parents on their experiences. You may be surprised at the difference. As a parent, don’t ever be afraid to call the school or instructors to ask questions about the training of your student driver. You, too, are a vital part of their driver education program.

Remember, don’t take your son’s or daughter’s driver education program lightly. We as parents want the best for our children from pre-k through high school. You don’t hear of students dying from football, basketball or volleyball involvement. Driving is the number one cause for teenage deaths. A proper driving school can lay down the foundation needed for success and survival. A driver’s license in today’s society is becoming more and more challenging. There are more cars, aggressive drivers and distractions, everyone is in a hurry. Choosing the right driving school can make all the difference between either just passing the state driving test, or being a safe, courteous and defensive driver as to survive and not become a statistic.