Classroom & Behind the Wheel Instruction

Classroom Instruction 30 hours which breaks down to 15 days – 2 hours a day

State Signs and Written test given in class

Homework given for missed sessions either; Book and Worksheet or Internet Make Up (student preference)

Behind the Wheel Instruction will begin when student has instruction permit in hand no early appointments will be made until student has instruction permit (temps).

Behind the Wheel Instruction 6 hours driving 6 hours observation (State Law Minimum) or

9 Hours driving and no observation (added fee for the 9-hour program extra $140.00)

Behind the Wheel instruction is divided into two (2) sections. The first will have your student driver for 4 (6 for 9-hour program) of their lessons to get them started, then second having the students back before the road test for their last 2 lessons (3 for 9-hour program) to fix any bad habits that they picked up and to prepare them for the road test with the DMV.

$50.00 no show fee will be added to account for students who do not show up for appointments.

$35.00 fee for all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Once all money, homework and lessons have been made and finished, student will then be completed with the State to be able to get their probationary license.

Classes must have 10 students minimum to be offered otherwise other options will be presented to students and/or parents.

Payment schedules are set as follows: first at Sign Up, second at Beginning of Classroom and third at beginning of Behind the Wheel.

Click on class schedule button to be directed to classroom schedule and click on the class that student would like to attend. After filling out information click on sign up and we will receive the sign up, you will be directed to the payment page which you can pay by credit card or click on pay by check to print a payment form. Any questions please call us at 715-675-5359.