Classroom and Behind the Wheel – Full Payment

Cost $495

Students will have 15 2-hour sessions as required by the State for under 18 students. Students will also take their State written test which is (15 sign identifications and 50 general knowledge questions here with Decker’s in class. Student who misses a session will be assigned the homework correlating with the missed session along with the videos that were presented. Please be SURE to write down your username and password to be able to sign into complete homework assigned. Students will have 14 days to complete after class has ended or will need to repeat the entire course over at an additional cast of $100.00. Any student who is misbehaving and causing a disturbance in the classroom will be asked to leave and homework will be assigned. Those who do not want to leave will be escorted out by Wausau Police since parents or guardians do not want to get involved with discipline.

Students in Wausau and Everest school district will have door to door service for behind the wheel (BTW) instruction. Please let instructor know where you will need to be dropped off if in a different location so they can route appropriately. Students will be required to have 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation (watching another student) or can apply for the 9 hours of driving (additional fee of $165.00 for 3 more lessons) with no observation. On sign-up page there will be a choice of 6 hours or 9 hours. Since driving is a very important life skill any students who misses a scheduled lesson, because of forgetting their instruction permit or due to a schedule change by a teacher, coach or employer and misses said appointment, will be either dropped from the class, since we were willing and able to take the student out, or will be assessed a fine of $60.00 which will need to be paid before the next lesson will be scheduled. Also, ALL scheduled appointments will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled. Illness can happen on both sides for students and instructors as well as family emergencies that might play into effect, these will be forgiven unless we see or hear differently. Because kids lie and learn from parents to save face, we will look on this as a case-by-case situation. Your instructor may give you an assignment of practice driving with your parent or guardian for 5 hours before the next lesson is scheduled. Please be sure to follow the direction of the instructor, failure to get in the required practice could result in loss of lesson as we can tell if your student practiced or not. Remember parents you signed a contract with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that you would work with your student towards the goal of 50 driving hours (10 of that at night). Gone will be the days of parents just having their students get 6 hours of driving with us and then going for the waiver as the student will get the license and run the risk of hurting themselves or others. I understand that some parents are busy and can’t work with your student, all I have to say to that is, then don’t sign the paperwork at the DMV that you will help your student meet the requirements set by the State, remember we are all busy. Some of you folks might be, why is he listing things so obvious, because driving has become, in many eyes, the lowest priority for many students. Since accidents can happen so easily with the distractions going on in society, this becomes a very important skill, more so than many subjects in high school, sports, drama, dance, religious education, work, etc. It is time that many families started to take this more seriously. Remember, 63% of my students have replied that their parents and/or guardians’ text and drive. This is not a teenage problem it is a parent problem and one that needs to be addressed and set by example. If these people don’t care about their safety or the safety of their passengers, then why would they care about you if you are collected by their bad choice.

Please click on “Course Registration” at the bottom of the page to continue on. When on the registration page besure to click on course and choose what your request will be and also if for behind the wheel option if you would like the standard 6 hours (default) or 9 hours behind the wheel instruction and add the $165.00 additional funds to the tuition. Thank You.

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