What We Do

Pedal Karts

With the increase in distracted driving rising every year, we believe it is important for your student to understand the dangers associated with combining tasks instead of focusing on the most important one, driving. With the pedal Karts students have a hands on learning of what happens with speeding while going through the course. How difficult backing can be when you do not check where the front of the vehicle is periodically. How about driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (over the counter, legal and illegal). What happens when you try to multi-task by adding driving and phone usage (legal with hands free and illegal with phone by ear) or texting while driving. These things can be talked about in class, but it is the hands on instruction that stay with the student and the consequences that happen when you cannot take it back.

Drunk Buster Goggles

With more and more things happening in the car today, not like 30 years ago when there were only 4 radio stations to listen to while driving, now we have so many electronic things for people to do in their cars that driving is more and more difficult. Many students are worried about their driving when they start out and expect the rest of the drivers with experience, out on road, to know how to drive correctly and defensively and they would be wrong. All this becomes even more difficult when students drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As we have the students wear the goggles we let them know that we are only affecting their eyesight, but when under the influence their motor skills, reasoning, judgement, as well as vision are all effected. Most drunk drivers are driving at night on Friday and Saturday nights when students are usually out with friends. Darkness effects one’s ability to pick out certain drivers that are driving impaired and students then understand the importance of defensive driving and how important it is to be able to drive unimpaired to deal with these individuals. We also discuss what happens if you were the impaired driver and hurt someone else, what happens in our legal system to these individuals that make a bad decision and how does it affect your life forever.