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Our September in-person class will be our last class and we will be shutting our doors. We will be taking no more students after August 31st, except those who want to do our internet class only, but you will need to find a behind the wheel school to complete your behind the wheel instruction as we will be selling off all the equipment. Those students who are with us for drivers education, we will finish your instruction for behind the wheel. Karen and I will not be filing bankrupcy like two other driving schools before us and we were asked by the DMV to help complete these started students for free with no expense to these people as they had payed the bankrupt schools. We never even received any of the bond money from the DMV for helping complete these folks as they would have had to start over. Some of you remember this when the signs were hung on the door without anyone getting even a phone call of bankrupcy.

We would like to thank ALL the families who have come to us with helping their young student drivers become the best in the community. During the time in business we have brought the accident ratio down in Wausau by 92% according to the WPD records for 16 and 17 year old drivers and 67% in the 6 years we were in Mosinee according to their records. With the worker shortage, government regulations and medling, inflation and my staff going for government jobs because they pay better, dah, and with the Department of Workforce Development having 2 different set of rules (one for us and one for our competitors), with the high schools making it more and more difficult, coaches threatening students for missing a practice for a driving lesson, our no shows are between 30 and 40 a month, we just can’t stay in business. Just too many irresponsible folks. Karen and I are almost 60 and working 14 hour days for the last 2 1/2 years is getting old. I had 10 people in for interviews and 2 never showed up and the other 8 were all felons. Sorry, can’t work with kids. It has been a very interesting 17 years in business, no local media coverage of a new business here starting in Wausau, as Karen and I are from Wausau, or look at the money saved in insurance claims in the area, but hey Starbucks is coming out with a new coffee flavor or Prime Day is happening on …, how much did they pay?

Karen can now focus on her kindergarten class and I received a job in transportation within 15 minutes, geez I guess I wasn’t the only one looking for help. LOL Our 2 adult kids are both engaged to be married next year. Jon is an elementary teacher in the Stevens Point school district and Maddie will be a supervisor at Lodge Kohler in Green Bay. I know many of you folks like to hear about Jon and Maddie and what is happening in their lives, as we (The Decker’s) have been touched by so many wonderful people.

Again, THANK YOU to all our families who have supported us. Drive Safely Everyone!!!



As of August 31, 2022, we are not accepting any more new students. We will be finishing all students who started with us. Thank you to Marathon County for your support for the past 17 years. Karen and Thomas Decker



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