Welcome to Decker’s Driving Academy LLC

First off, THANK YOU, to all the 100’s of folks who sent such warm regards to our announcment back in September. We do understand the disappointment many of you faced with the choices available in the area for drivers’ education, Karen and I, because of this have made the decision to reopen the driving school until we retire years down the road.

I have learned some very valuable information the last 10 years of the business.

1. You can’t please everyone. You can try, but it will never be enough for some.

2. Some students can control their parents and lie to get what they want, and the parent will back them, even if you show proof to them, they will still defend.

3. There are many folks out there that are never happy, unless they can bring you down to their level. This by making up lies and complaints without merit to try and distroy or discredit others lives.

4. No matter how good of a person you are, you will always finish last, and that the liers and the cheaters will always finish first, so protect yourself.

5. A good working person with excellent values will always be asked to do more.

When I found out from the students that around 60% of parents text and drive, I was amazed. I can educate the student on the hazards of this act, but parents need to help with this as well. If you do not want your student driver to text and drive then you should lead by example. I tell students if the person texting doesn’t care about their safety, then why would they care about yours? We hae so many negative things going on in our society that it seems like we are going backwords in evalution. So if we can help by teaching correct methods and values to students who come to Decker’s Driving School and have a little fun in the process, then it is a win-win for everyone.¬†

Since we have had so many no-shows for appointments we will be changing some of the services for the reopening. Please read the contract before submitting, even if your student sign’s themselves up. Once submitted it is an agreement to the terms of the contract. There will be no more fees for a no show, appointments are an agreement between student, (parent) and the instructor. We will not tolerate anymore no shows and students run the risk of being dropped from the course without refund as the driving school was willing and able to provide services. Our time is just as valuable and students need to learn how to stand up to a bully like taught in school (teachers, coaches, employers, etc.) There¬† will still have door to door services in the Wausau and Everest areas, but not in the outlying areas as this way we can expect students will be at the appointment as their parents will need to bring them into Wausau or Everest. I am sorry for these changes but when I looked at the 10’s of thousands of dollars we lost because of no shows, well, the driving school just can’t keep serviving Again, please read the contract before submitting, so we are all on the same page.




Because of Parents requests, and the popularity of our instruction, we have decided to reopen Decker’s Driving Academy starting in June. We will be offering in class and internet instruction along with behind the wheel instruction.


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