Welcome to our NEW look and very functional website, signing up can even be done over your Android or Apple phone. Parents can view account balances online and students can do missed classroom sessions and play the videos associated with the missed sessions, just by signing into their account.

Covid Guidelines for Classroom and Behind the Wheel Instruction

ALL students and ALL instructors wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus, we also sanitize ALL car controls between each student. Once instructors have received the 2nd dose vaccine and have waited 2 weeks, they will no longer be required to wear masks as instructed by the CDC. Our classroom is cleaned and sanitized after each use. ALL our vehicles are equipped with dash cams to protect the student, instructor and the equipment. We try to do our best!!! Stay Safe Everyone!!!

Welcome to Decker’s Driving Academy

We are your complete driver’s education facility, fully licensed by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Motor Vehicles for the education of Classroom, Behind the Wheel, Internet, Hybrid Internet, 9-hour Behind the Wheel, Refresher Class and Right of Way instruction. Here at Decker’s Driving Academy we have a different approach to drivers’ education:

Classroom Instruction has very limited book reading, as we believe more in activities, demonstrations, discussions, playing games to help with retention of material presented. Gone are the days of book and worksheet instruction. We use drunk buster goggles to show impaired driving along with driving pedal karts to help with understanding of distracted driving (like cell phone usage). This is to help students better understand the importance of focusing on the task at hand with driving.

For ALL Behind the Wheel instruction we have Pick up and Drop off where you need it, within the area, no inconvenience to the parents to run students to a school for drop off and pick up place for instruction.

Online classroom is also available to students who do not want to come to classroom or have very busy schedules. These are thirty 1-hour sessions that must be completed in succession to satisfy the State requirements.

Internet Hybrid Class, which is the best of both programs. 20 hours of internet class and 10 hours (5 days = 2 Hours per day) of classroom instruction where students will get more hands-on instruction.

State written test given to students (under age 18) in class, at no charge to our families. Students prefer to take in a classroom setting, more relaxed with much less pressure.

We have many different teaching aids to help with understanding the task of driving today. Talking helps with understanding but actual activities and demonstrations relative to actual situations helps students realize on a more realistic scale of comprehension related to driving. Decker’s Driving Academy is your BEST choice for the education of your student driver, not for just passing the road test, but making sure they are a safe, courteous and defensive driver in our communities. Come and experience the difference, you will be glad you did!


Noah Anderson D.C. Everest High School

Norah Anderson Wausau West High School

Kelly Bangart Mosinee High School

Taylor Bergner Wittenberg/Birnamwood High School

Alaina Berres Wausau East High School

Colton Blank Mosinee High School

Michael Borger Home Schooled

Bekah Bouton Mosinee High School

Amillion Buggs D.C. Everest High School

Kylie Caldwell Mosinee High School

Brianna Chellberg Mosinee High School

Sophia Clairemore Mosinee High School

Elizabeth Clancy Newman High School

Ashley Colden Mosinee High School

Piper Connor Rural Virtual Academy

Mason DeBroux Wausau West High School

Ethan Denesha Mosinee High School

Garret Donahue Mosinee High School

Kylie Draeger Wausau West High School

Braxton Fields Mosinee High School

Logan Fike Wausau East High School

JoAnn Fortenberry Wausau West High School

Averyel Garcia Mosinee High School

Elle Gauerke Athens High School

Kaeden Grusnick Wausau East High School

Celeste Gutierrez Mosinee High School

Gabriella Hackett Newman High School

Nya Harrington D.C. Everest High School

Emily Heilmann Wausau West High School

Gloria Hernandez Albright Mosinee High School

Andrew Johnson Mosinee High School

Alexis Jonas Mosinee High School

Greta Kamke Mosinee High School

Milanni Khlap Northland High School

Kade Kmosena Mosinee High School

Grace Kottke D.C. Everest High School

Timothy Kowalski Mosinee High School


Chloe Lemke Mosinee High School

Morgan Lesniak Mosinee High School

Anika Lindell D.C. Everest High School

Jersey Lobner Marathon High School

Cruz Lopez Hernandez Wausau East High School

Shouana Lor Wausau East High School

Aiden March Mosinee High School

Maddox Middaugh Mosinee High School

Martina Miller Mosinee High School

Draven Banks Mosinee High School

Joshua Mroczenski Wausau East High School

Lila Mullen EEA Charter Wausau

Gabriella Munoz Mosinee High School

Brandon Olson Mosinee High School

Emerson Peters Mosinee High School

Benjamin Peterson Mosinee High School

Erik Peterson Mosinee High School

Nicole Peterson Mosinee High School

Elroy Phillips Wausau East High School

Payge Phillips Mosinee High School

Joshua Rebeck Wausau West High School

Lilly Reede Mosinee High School

Kole Ress D.C. Everest High School

Jack Rindfleisch Mosinee High School

Will Rode Wausau West High School


Greyden Rogers Mosinee High School

Leif Sann Mosinee High School

Natalie Schill Mosinee High School

Kate Schmitsch Mosinee High School

Olivia Schulz Mosinee High School

Kayleigh Severt Mosinee High School

David Sklow Wausau East High School

Jackson Smithpeter Wausau West High School

Trezia Sondelski Mosinee High School

Jake Steiner Wausau East High School

Davin Stoffel Mosinee High School

Owen Sullivan Wausau West High School

Anton Trumm Mosinee High School

Elias Wagers Wausau West High School

Madeline Welch Wausau West High School

Ellie Woller Mosinee High School


Hollie Barton Wausau East High School

Ty Bradford D.C. Everest High School

Jalyn Burish Marathon High School

Anna Hackett Newman High School

Jacob Hannie D.C. Everest High School

Mackenzie Her Wausau West High School

Brianna Hieronimus Marathon High School

Savanah Mathson Northland Lutheran High School

Jayson McCoy Wausau East High School

Caleb McEachron Wausau West high School

Cody Meyer Wausau East High School

Riley Olbrantz Wausau West High School

Carson Otto Wausau East High School

Charlie Pepke Northland Lutheran High School

Nicolas Ruffi Wausau West High school

Shane Ruleau Wausau West High School

Brandon Schmidt Wausau East High School

Amelia Speichinger Wausau West High School

Gus Steffen Home Schooled

Adrianna Sturzenagger Wausau East High School

Madelyn Wunsch Wausau East High School


Maysa Alam NTC Alternative

Desirae Blechschmidt Wausau East High School

Pierson Hamann Marathon High School

Trey Hanke Marathon High School

Benjamin Hardesty Newman Catholic High School

Blake Hein Athens High School

Gaonoo Her Wausau West High School

Sydney Huotari Northland Lutheran High School

Brooke Jacob Athens High School

Connor Lewandowski Athens High School

Dominic Lewandowski Athens High School

Vivian Nowak Wausau East High School

Eden Olson Wausau East High School

Madisyn Paradowski IDEA Charter Everest

Ashley Phakitthong Marathon High School

Dylan Pittsley Wausau West High School

Leah Rakes Wausau West High School

Lucas Schuette Wausau East High School

Connor Smith Wausau East High School

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Isaac Young Wausau East High School

Nicole Ziemer D.C. Everest High School

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