Summer classes are filling up, don’t wait too long to sign up. Remember we allow students to flip-flop between classes to help out with scheduling issues, family, work, summer school, etc. Classes are held 8 – 10am, 1 – 3pm and 4 – 6pm, from July 15 thru August 2.

Attention Low-Income Families

If your student receives reduced or free lunch at school, your student could be eligible for paid driver’s education instruction. The State of Wisconsin has a program approved and is set to begin in the fall of 2024 for those low-income families to have their tuition paid for drivers’ education, 2023 Wisconsin Act 86. Families who are interested would apply with the DMV through an application process online and wait for approval. We will keep you posted on updates to when the program will begin.

Attention Right of Way Students

Right of Way Customers – If you would like to take the course and have this removed from your driving record but do not have a computer for the online instruction. We can help with this by letting you use one of our laptops here at the office, call to set up an appointment. 715-675-5359


 The price for our services will be $495.00 for the entire course, those who would like to do the internet instruction can sign up online and begin. In-person classroom instruction and behind the wheel is now up and running by clicking on the choice at the bottom of the screen (Yellow Tab), and then clicking on the class your student would like to attend.

There will still be door to door services in the Wausau, Everest, Marathon and Athens areas, but not in the outlying areas as this way we can expect students will be at the appointment as their parents will need to bring them into Wausau, Everest or Marathon. I am sorry for these changes but when I looked at the thousands of dollars we lost because of no shows, rescheduling, down time for employees, wasted wear and tear on equipment, etc., well, the driving school just can’t survive. Again, please read the contract before submitting, so we are all on the same page. Failure to read the contract could result in your student being dropped from the class without refund. Certain conditions apply.

As we begin our 19th year in the profession, I would like to thank all of our students and families who have used our services through the years and thank you for ALL the success stories about driving in today’s society. It is not so easy with so many other drivers are not focusing on the driving task and just expect others to watch out for them. Speeding, weaving, going over the lane lines, not stopping at lights or stop signs, etc… It is getting pretty bad when a driver gets honked at for making a FULL stop at a stop sign or red light when taking a right turn, bad drivers just don’t expect it. It is awesome to hear how many students still have a clean driving record with no accidents, this means that they are protecting themselves from the other drivers that are distracted. I couldn’t be happier knowing we have had this kind of success in our communities. Keep up the great work everyone. NOTE: Why doesn’t the media report on this???

On My Mind – What is Changing

Over the last 19 years parenting and student attitude towards driving is changing, as well as my disbelief in how this all affects us and our

society as a whole. Many of you folks have read the complaints that have been posted on social media, and all I can say is some of these are

made up as these folks were never customers of ours and the others are people who have students who missed their lesson and were charged

the no show fee and received no pity from the instructor or me for their students no show. Parents will say to us “well they are only 15”,

even though they want to drive a 2-ton vehicle around by themselves. Parents now go to social media to voice their concerns to blame us for their

students’ irresponsibility. When I had 10 cars going, we had on average 50 no shows per month, a business can’t keep up with rescheduling,

as well as lost time running around the county. This is why these students go to the bottom of the call list and we move on to a student who is

responsible and really wants a driver’s license.

I have learned some very valuable information about the last 10 years of the business.

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