Behind the Wheel Only

Cost $400.00

If student took classroom with another driving school, that driving school should have issued a “classroom completion certificate” to the student. This certificate will need to be given to us to validate the completion of the classroom phase of drivers’ education. Once this has been validated with the DMV, a MV-3001 form “application for permit” will be issued to the student. The student may take the State written test with us or at the DMV, which will consist of 15 sign identifications, and 50 general knowledge questions, all are mutiple choice. Upon passing students would then be able to receive their instruction permit to begin driving with a parent and/or guardian. Students will need 50 hours of driving, 10 of those hours at night, and be at least 16 years of age, or have held onto their permit for a minimum of 6 months if received when 15 1/2 or older. Students can get permit as early as 15 years of age but can not get probation license until 16 via road test or waiver. If wanting the 9-hour program the cost would be an extra $165.00 for the 3 lessons, please check this on the registration page.

The first 5 hours with us will count as 10 hours, followed by the 6th hour which will count for 11 hours total (14 hours total with the 9-hour program). Remember to facture this into your 50 hour total (10 at night of those 50 at night). Any questions, please let your instructor know, they would be able to explain in more detail if needed or call office.

Students in the Wausau and D.C. Everest areas will receive door to door pick-up and or drop-off. Students in the outlying areas will need to be brought into these areas for lessons. Parent and instructor to decide on a pick-up and drop-off place for student. This will be to cut down on no-shows and guarentee the student will be at appointment. Note, when lesson is over we will not wait with your student for parent or guardian to show up, as this would not be fair for other students as this would be under their drive time. This will be how we will be running behind the wheel instruction, as in the past we had so many no shows coming to the home for appointments. Even after showing dash cams to parents validating our presence in their own driveway, some parents still resisted on fault of themselves or student and blamed the driving school for not showing up. Oh yes, this is how some parents pretend on not being responcible for themselves or their students. Social media be damned as half of the comments are from people that never came to us, and the other half when confronted deny even making said comments. We run an excellent program to those people who respect our business and time taking students out driving. Remember, it is not our position to raise students for those parents who want to be a friend with their child and not a parent. We are a driving school.

Pease click on “Behind the Wheel Only” below for the registration page. Now for course choice please select behind the wheel only from the 2 choices listed. On the payment page the default value is $50 which can be changed to $400.00. Thank You

Behind the Wheel Only