Contract between Decker’s Driving Academy and Parent / Student


Total cost for the course (classroom or internet and BTW) is $495.00 ( Three $165.00 installments).

For 9 hours BTW instruction, no observation addition $165.00 for total of $660.00 ($220.00 installments-9 Hour).

Payment structure is as follows;

Since some students may have their instruction permit for a year, students and parents must keep their phone numbers and emails current with Decker’s Driving Academy so we may contact student or parent when necessary. When student is ready for behind the wheel instruction, student will contact Decker’s Driving Academy to inform them of securing the instruction permit and an instructor will call to schedule. Note, the instructor will attempt to schedule with student twice (2), after which student will need to contact the instructor to schedule. If student fails to contact after 60 days the permit will be cancelled and the student will need another form from Decker’s Driving Academy and another trip to the DMV will need to be made and the cost of the replacement will be $60.00 to the DMV. If the parent would want us to schedule through them, then the parent must let Decker’s Driving Academy know before so we can make sure to note this on the paperwork.

Decker’s Driving Academy will have in person instruction for the students to attend. If a student misses a session, the student will be required to complete the homework associated with the session missed. ALL, homework and projects will be due 14 days after class has completed, after which the student will receive an incomplete and need to take the class over at a cost of $100.00. This will also include the behind the wheel (BTW) instruction which consists of 6 hours of instruction in the car and 6 hours observation watching another student.

Internet students will have 90 days to complete the course at which time a $35.00 fee for a 30-day extension. Once completed, students will be allowed to take the State written test here or at the DMV. Please, let us know your decision as the paperwork is filled out differently. Also, we will need to know if you would like the form emailed (2-sided printer required), mailed or you would like to pick up here at office on N. 6th St.

Students who are taking the classroom or internet portion of drivers’ education with us and going to another driving school. Will be presented with a classroom completion certificate online, for them to present to the other driving school who will provide the in-car instruction.

Students and Parent(s) will be able to cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance without penalty. Students who do not show up for an appointment will be subject to a $60.00 fee or risk being dropped from the course without refund, as Decker’s Driving Academy was willing and able to fulfill the contract. Sickness or family emergency will be taken on a case-by-case situation as we have ways to check if student was truly ill or gone for an emergency. Learning to drive is much more important than anything they teach in high school or any afterschool activity.

Students and Parents will also be able to purchase extra lessons at $75.00 per lesson or can also purchase 3 extra lessons for an extra $165.00 and no observation would be required.

Students In the Wausau, Marathon and Everest districts will be able to have door to door, pick up and drop off services. All students outside of the area will need to be taken to Wausau or Everest at a designated drop-off and pick-up point. This is to help with no shows that have occurred in the past. Parents will be responsible for picking up their student after the lesson is finished. Decker’s Driving Academy will not sit with your student waiting for pick up to occur. 

State written tests will be given to all students at no charge if the DMV allows Decker’s Driving Academy to administer. Students can also take State test at the DMV but must give Decker’s Driving Academy notice to be able to fill out the MV-3001 appropriately for student to be allowed at the DMV as to show proof of being enrolled in an approved drivers’ education course licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

Typing names into signature fields signifies a digital agreement between parent, student, and Decker’s Driving Academy LLC. Student, DO NOT type parent name in parent field as this is the contract between the parent, student, and Decker’s Driving Academy LLC. No refund will be allowed if the school is willing and able to fulfill the terms of the contract. The school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing, and able to fulfill its part of the agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student/parent, no verbal statement or promises will be recognized.

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