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Students must have their temporary license for 6 months before continuing on to their road test for their probationary license. Also, students must have 1 driving lesson within 60 days of getting the instruction permit to avoid cancellation of permit.

A charge of $50 will be made to students who miss any scheduled behind-the-wheel sessions that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance and/or who forget to bring their temporary license to any behind-the-wheel session.

A $50 charge for any returned (non sufficient funds) checks.

The school will not refund any tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement.

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student/parent, no verbal statement or promise will be recognized.

All projects, homework, materials and money must be returned and paid before completion is issued with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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