Thomas Decker

Owner / Instructor

Tom was a school bus driver part-time for 18 years and an over the road semi driver for 15 years. He has had no tickets, accidents, equipment damages, nothing for driving all these years with well over 2 million miles. It is this kind of experience that is being passed onto students to help them become successful with driving in today’s society. You don’t need to have a college degree to be successful or a high school diploma as nobody checks anyway anymore. Just the drive and heart to do the best you can, I do not make a product, I teach a very successful program to underage adults, with phenomenal results. If you want the very best for your student, then look no further as we are the best you can get.

Karen Decker

Owner / Instructor

Karen has been an elementary school teacher for 25 years and ran her own day care business for 14 years out of their home. She has contributed to the curriculum and later received a instructor license to help with the instruction of our teens in the area. Currently with helping at the driving school, Karen is a Kindergarten teacher at Hawthorn Hills here in Wausau.

Jim Wilkerson


Jim is a retired air traffic controller and if anyone needs to teach safety as the number one priority, he is the man. He has worked at two international airports in his career and brings to the academy another piece to help your young driver be safe and alert. He has been with Decker’s Driving Academy for 8 years. Jim and his family live in Kronenwetter.

Blair Woody


Blair comes to Decker’s Driving Academy with a passion for driving. He is an excellent communicator with students and patience to help through the rough areas that students may come across. He is very knowledgable of the rules of the road and makes a great addition to our staff. Blair resides in Antigo.

Brad Kafer


Brad has worked with us in the past and has decided to return after our announcement of reopening. Brad has worked for us 5 years prior and also was an instructor in Illinois before moving to Wausau with his family as they reside in Wausau. He is also working to become a paster and getting his master’s degree.

Gina Maatta


Gina comes to us as a trainer from the school buses. This background makes her a wonderful addition to our team based in communication for instructing in class and behind the wheel with students. As a bus driver she understands the importance of driving a commercial vehicle and can pass this experience to students to help them become a safer driver. Gina and her family leave northeast of Wausau.

Bonnie Decker

Secretary for phones

Bonnie or MOM helps us with overflow phone calls or when we are busy in the classroom or behind the wheel instructing. People like talking to someone, other than leaving a voice message. Bonnie helps us with that personnel touch you get talking with a live person and not having to leave a message. Please be nice to MOM and speak up as she lives in Tomahawk. LOL😊 (Since cell phone service can be a little temperamental, she may call you back on her land line.)

Decker Family

Karen and Tom Decker have resided here in Wausau their whole lives. Tom from Rib Mountain and Karen from reservoir hill behind John Muir, graduated from the problematic Wausau school district. Tom going into the workforce in the factories and Karen graduating from Stevens Point with a degree in education. After 13 years in the factories and driving school bus part time, Tom decided to become an over the road truck driver for 15 years. Together we have come up with a program that is as informative as entertaining. Karen and Tom have been married for 40 years and have also adapted 2 children. Jonathan is an elementary school teacher in the Stevens Point school district, Maddie is a supervisor at Lodge Kohler in Green Bay. Maddie was married to her husband Jake on September 9, 2023, and Jon is engaged to his fiancée, Jessica and to be married May 25, 2024.  (I Kurumba !!)